According to the American Heart Association, 2,300 Americans die of cardiovascular disease each day, an average of one death every 38 seconds.

Here are a few ways to help prevent heart disease and stroke:

Get Active- There are so many benefits to leading an active lifestyle! It keeps you physically fit, improves mood, lowers blood pressure, and helps to keep your weight under control plus much more. While exercising seems easy to do it can be hard to find the time. Try to carve out 30 minutes a day where you are able to elevate your heart rate and sweat! This could be going on a walk or simply cleaning your home.

Eat Right- There are some wonderful cooks in the state of Mississippi and sometimes it is difficult to turn down such delicious food! Here are some pointers to help you with sticking to a healthy diet:

  • Plan ahead- choose healthy options and meal prep. Remember to keep it simple! Check out these heart healthy recipes.
  • Be aware of processed foods and choose carefully. Processed foods are high in sodium, sugars and unhealthy fats.
  • Know how to read food labels. It is always important to check serving size and total calories before consuming.

Stop Smoking- To give up any bad habit is not easy and smoking is no different. You have to choose a date and just go for it! Nicotine patches, gum and prescription medications have helped many people, but it is so important to have support. It is best to have someone or a group that you can call on when you feel weak.

The American Heart Association has numerous resources on their site, to learn more on heart disease and stroke prevention be sure to check it out.

Guard your heart!

Your Kare In Home Team