Do you have the “gift of gab”, an artistic talent, organizational skills, or finally just have a little time on your hands?  Every one of us is blessed with a gift, talent, skill or knowledge…  How are you using yours?

Kare In Home Hospice invites you to use your gift as a volunteer to help local families.  

Hospice is designed to provide comfort and support to a patient who is facing a life limiting illness.  The Kare In Home team is a dedicated group of doctors, nurses, aides, social workers, chaplains, and volunteers who care and support a family during a tough time.   Volunteers fill a vital role in helping the families in many ways…

Direct Patient Support

In direct patient support, volunteers help patients and families in the patients’ homes.  Companionship, light housekeeping, preparing meals, walking the dog, or running an errand for the family are all ways a volunteer can ease the day-to-day responsibilities. 

Administrative Support

Volunteers are very useful in the hospice office by making admission packets, calling patients, filing forms, and writing birthday cards.

Bereavement Support

A very important part of hospice is bereavement care.   Volunteers can visit with a family, make phone calls, and compose bereavement notes.  Annually, Kare In Home Hospice hosts a remembrance service for all the hospice families.  Volunteers can help organize the service, provide refreshments, or be a good listener to a family member.

Special Projects

Special Projects are developed to use specific gifts and talents.

Are you an artist? Art at the Bedside…

Do you love Music?  Music for Memory…

Is your pet therapy certified?  Pet Therapy…

Are you a veteran? We Honor Veterans Program…

Whatever your GIFT, TALENT, SKILL OR KNOWLEDGE, Kare In Home can use you on our Volunteer Team.   Volunteer time can be planned around your interest and time schedule.  Call today to start making a difference! 

Our Volunteer Coordinator is Lee Ann Newman and you can reach her at 228-604-2155.