Traveling is fun -- these tips will help you pack up safely for your next adventure! 


Be sure to have a plan while traveling. Know where you are going and do the research to get the best deals. Also, be sure to ask about senior discounts. Part of being prepared is packing all the required clothing, but it is also important to remember all of your medical equipment so you can stay safe and healthy in a different environment. It’s always imperative to have a contact list in case of emergencies. Know where your closest hospitals and drug stores are located.


Whether you are traveling on a plane or in a car be sure that you have enough room to spread out and sit comfortably. At Kare In Home, we recommend standing up to stretch every 2-3 hours to encourage healthy blood circulation. Remember, a big part of being comfortable is having on the correct shoes. Wearing flats (with arch support) can help you stay comfortable and balanced, plus you are less likely to sprain an ankle and/or fall.


Treat your medication while traveling with as much care as you would your money and/or valued possessions. Always keep your medications with you. When you are packing be sure to bring enough medication for an extra day or two (you never know if plans will change). Just in case something happens to your medications be sure you have a list of everything you are taking -- including the dosages.


Your body changes as you get older (I'm sure you've noticed)! You can’t always eat what you want just because you are on vacation. Be sure to eat healthy meals and stay hydrated. It’s also important to conserve your energy. You don’t want to plan too many activities in one day, this is vacation after all. Be sure to plan for a relaxing afternoon and possibly even a quick nap.


In this day and age social media is big part of everyday life, and while this is a great way to stay connected, it's important to be wise about what you share. Don’t announce you are going on a trip, as this puts your home and valuables at risk. We recommend waiting until you are back to post pictures and share all your fun experiences. 


Something to also keep in mind is that Kare In Home Private Care offers travel assistance. If you think an extra hand would be useful on your trip, don't hesitate to contact us and ask about this service. We can assist with personal care, medication reminders, nutrition and much more.

Additionally, if you are going on vacation but leaving a loved one behind, we can provide peace of mind while you're away. 

Safe Travels!

Your Kare In Home Team