Lakwanya Titus


Lakwanya Titus is from Greenville, MS. She works out of our Olive Branch office and cares for patients in the Northern MS area. Lakwanya is a Certified Nursing assistant and received her license from the MS Delta Community College.

Lakwanya has over 10 years of experience caring for the elderly and in the last several years her focus has been on hospice care. She has been with Kare In Home since since December of 2016 and has made quite the impression on our staff and patients.

Emily Meredith, the Branch Director in Olive Branch said, “All the patients just love Lakwanya!  She is very dependable and always willing to take on new responsibilities. A true team player and an asset to Kare In Home.”

Lakwanya always keeps family first as she is so proud of her son. “I love being able to teach and show him how to be respectful and treat others. Also, instill in him how to work hard in life!  The sky is the limit,” she said!

When asking Lakwanya what she loves most about her job she responded, “The reaction on my patient's face when I enter their home. Being able to put them at ease with my smile and presence gives great satisfaction at the end of the day.”

“The primary caregivers enjoy my visits as well, just having someone there that can listen to them and their concerns. I consider them all my extended family and love them dearly,” she said.