Karen Childs moved to Jackson, MS from South Carolina when she was a teenager. Jackson is her home! She works out of the Flowood Hospice office. Karen received her Associates Degree in Nursing from Hinds Community College.

Karen has 8 years of experience as a nurse, and began her work with Kare In Home Hospice in February of this year.

"Hospice care has been on my heart for at least 3 years. I finally found a home."

Karen is a proud parent of 2 children. She raised them while finishing nursing school, where she continued her education in critical care, emergency care and management.

Karen on her work as a Nurse, "I love being a nurse, to be able to help others, to be able to teach others. I continue to learn and grow in my career. I believe I have found my final career step and that is an accomplishment. My heart is with hospice and Kare In Home."

When asking Karen what she loves most about her job she responded, “I love my patients and their families. I love that I'm able to be there with them every step of the way. I love that I am accepted as a new member of many families, to be able to hold hands, hug family members and cry with them. To lose a patient, to me, is losing a family member.”

Karen also loves her work family! “Working for KIH has given new meaning to being a team player. We have each other's back and we rock it! I can't see myself on any other career path in my nursing career now,” said Karen. Megan King, the Branch Director in Flowood said, “Karen is the ultimate team player. She strives for the best care for her patients while acting as an advocate for them at all times. She exudes a thirst for knowledge and is always looking for a way to be a more effective caregiver as well as teammate. We are very lucky to have Karen on our team at Flowood!”